Cash Stuffing is the New Envelope System for Budgeting

Social media influencers make an old-school budgeting plan popular again by doing one thing - rebranding. Instead of calling it the envelope system, the trendy name is now "cash stuffing". There are a slew of short videos on TikTok that show how to take the cash from your paycheck and divide it up into [...]

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Scams to Watch For During the Holidays

The holiday season presents a prime opportunity for identity thieves to steal personal financial information. Why? Because people are busy, they're shopping a lot, and it's a prime opportunity to prey on that. According to the IRS, besides stealing money, criminals can even use your stolen information to file fraudulent tax returns. Typically, scammers [...]

Advice on a Lease Buyout with Rising Rates

The Fed raised interest rates again at the beginning of November, which means loan rates will increase along with it. While you might be earning more on your savings account, you'll also pay more when you borrow money. So, if you're planning to buy a car or do a lease buyout in the next 90 [...]

Meet Our 2022 College Scholarship Winner

Erin DiPaola graduated from West Genesee High School and is headed to Rochester Institute of Technology! Below are some of her amazing accomplishments throughout her time in high school. High Honor Roll (9-12) National Honor Society (10-12) Basketball Leadership Award Basketball Wildcat Award Captain JV Basketball (9) Captain Varsity Basketball (12) CTE Endorsement [...]

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Typosquatting: The Newest Scam

What is Typosquatting? The newest cybercrime to watch out for is typosquatting. It's also called URL hijacking. It's when hackers buy domain names that are just slightly misspelled from their real counterparts. Fraudsters build a completely fake website under the domain name they bought, tricking unsuspecting visitors into giving up sensitive information. Visitors end up [...]

5 Alternatives to Overbuying Christmas Gifts

Even though the smell of crisp leaves and pumpkin spice hangs in the air, Christmas is coming quickly. It’s the season for friends and family, good tidings, and busted budgets. If you usually buy gifts for everyone in your family, numerous friends, teacher gifts, work gift exchanges, or more, you’re likely spending hundreds, if [...]

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Protect Yourself from SIM Swapping Scams

In today’s technology-driven society, people rely more and more on mobile devices to perform daily tasks. While mobile devices make your life more convenient, they also open you up to the possibility of fraud. SIM swapping is one of the newest scams. This latest type of fraud affects access to your mobile phone and can [...]

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Tricks for Doing Halloween on a Budget

Halloween is back and bigger than ever, with 69% of Americans saying they are celebrating the end-of-October holiday. That's up from 65% in 2021, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. The report also showed total spending on the holiday is expected to reach a record $10.6 billion [...]

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5 Things You Should Never Buy Used

Buying used items can save you plenty of cash, but there are some things you should never buy used. Let’s take a look at the items that should be purchased new. If you can't afford new, we offer some advice on what to look for. Children’s Furniture Kids treat furniture different than adults. They will [...]

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