Buying used items can save you plenty of cash, but there are some things you should never buy used. Let’s take a look at the items that should be purchased new. If you can’t afford new, we offer some advice on what to look for.

Children’s Furniture

Kids treat furniture different than adults. They will chew on cribs and jump off bunk beds. You want the furniture to be as new as possible so that they’re up to date on safety guidelines.

What if you can’t buy new?

Thoroughly look over the furniture. Ask if it was painted and when. If it’s antique or old there could be lead paint concerns. Check out the hardware holding it together too. If it’s old or rusted, you need to replace it. There can be good deals on Facebook Marketplace or neighborhood sites, but safety is always a concern.

Car Seats

Just like children’s furniture, you do not want to buy used car seats. It all comes down to safety. If you buy a used car seat, it might be missing parts or even worse, has been in a crash. Car seats that have been in a crash are compromised and not safe to use.

What if you can’t buy new?

Make sure you know how old it is. Get the year and brand, then Google it to see if there are any recalls. Ask if it’s been in an accident too. Look at all the straps and even try to install it in your car before buying it.

Nonstick Cookware

As US News reports, there is growing research that shows non-stick pans are not good for your health. Over time, the coating flakes off and can be harmful if you ingest it. If you want non-stick cookware, it’s better to buy it new.

What if you can’t buy new?

If you find a good deal at a garage sale, goodwill, or Marketplace, just look it over for any scratches, cuts, or dings in the coating. Ideally, it should still be a little slippery and have no visible marks on the cooking side.


This should be a no-brainer, but it can’t hurt to say it. Never take someone else’s medication. You don’t know what’s actually in the bottle or if it has been tampered with. If it’s sealed with the protective cover, just make sure it’s not expired. You’ll also want to check for any holes in the seal.


This one isn’t about safety, but the heartbreak of putting together a puzzle and having a piece missing! Open puzzle boxes means the risk of missing pieces.

What if you can’t buy new?

You can still find puzzles at goodwill or garage sales that might be sealed. Check the box to see if it’s still taped closed. If it’s a kid’s puzzle, you might even be able to count the pieces before buying it.

We’ll always encourage you to save money where you can, but these are some things you should never buy used. Sometimes spending money on new items is your best, and safest, bet.