We were notified that some of our members received a letter similar to this sample. It urges you to purchase or update a home warranty before it expires. You can see at the bottom of the letter that it states they are not affiliated with your mortgage holder. This may be a home warranty scam.

What do these letters look like and what do they say?

These letters may come from Home Warranty Direct, or other similar companies and may mention your specific mortgage holder. In this case, Money FCU mortgage holders were targeted.

The letter asks you to respond to the notice by a certain date and threatens that failing to respond could result in a potential loss of coverage. Solicitations that use threatening language or unnecessary urgency are likely a home warranty scam.

A home warranty scam letter may look similar to the example below.

Sample Scam Letter

How do the senders get my information?

Some information about mortgages are public record, therefore making them searchable within each county clerk’s office. Unfortunately, companies like this resort to naming your specific mortgage lender to make the letter appear legitimate.

Keeping your sensitive information secure is a top priority of Money Credit Union. We do not sell or distribute any private and non-public information to non-affiliate third parties.

What should I do with a letter like this?

Since we cannot confirm the legitimacy of offers you receive from unaffiliated parties, we recommend discarding letters or offers like this.

You may get a real person or an automated recording if you call the number listed in the letter. In either case, NEVER give out your personal information. This includes paying for anything up front or over the phone.

If you are interested in a home warranty program, we strongly encourage you to do thorough research as well as check with the Better Business Bureau for reputable companies.


It’s always best to check with us if you’re concerned about a communication you received, especially if it’s unexpected or threatening. You can contact our team directly at (315) 671-4000, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.