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What happens to my Traditional IRA after I die?

You may designate beneficiaries to receive your IRA assets after your death. Any tax-deferred money in your Traditional IRA at the time of your death will be taxed as it is distributed to your beneficiaries. All beneficiaries may take a lump-sum payment. They may also be able to take payments over a certain number [...]

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When will I have to pay tax?

When you withdraw money from your Traditional IRA, you must include any previously deductible amounts, along with any earnings, in your taxable income for the year. Note that if you previously made any nondeductible contributions or rolled over nondeductible amounts from a retirement plan to your IRA, a portion of each Traditional IRA distribution will [...]

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What is the IRS penalty tax if I withdraw money from my Traditional IRA before age 59½?

In general, you will pay a 10% penalty tax on any taxable amounts you withdraw before age 59½ unless you qualify for a penalty tax exception (death, disability, first-time home buyer expenses, qualified higher education expenses, certain unreimbursed medical expenses, birth of a child or adoption expenses, substantially equal periodic payments, health insurance premiums [...]

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Can I roll over other retirement plan assets to my Traditional IRA or roll over my Traditional IRA to another retirement plan?

Yes. Eligible assets from most employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as your 401 (k) plan, can be rolled over to your Traditional IRA if the plan allows for it. Check with your plan administrator. You may roll over the pretax portion of your Traditional IRA to most employer-sponsored retirement plans. Traditional IRA assets also can [...]

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Can I contribute to a Traditional IRA if I participate in another retirement plan?

Yes. Your participation in an employer-sponsored retirement plan will not affect your ability to contribute to a Traditional IRA, nor will making Traditional IRA contributions affect what you can contribute to your employer plan. But, depending on your income level, if you or your spouse do participate (receive contributions) in a retirement plan, you [...]

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Can I deduct my Traditional IRA contributions?

Unless you (or your spouse) actively participate in an employer­ sponsored retirement plan, you can deduct your Traditional IRA contributions. If you (or your spouse) are an active plan participant, you still may be able to deduct all or part of your contributions, depending on your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) - see chart. [...]

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