Would it be hard for me to access my money?

It's as easy as loving a puppy. Our members have access to 90,000+ surcharge-free ATMs across the country and overseas, plus over 5,500 branches through our Shared Branch network. You’ll also have an EMV chip-enabled Debit MasterCard, so you can shop anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

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Is my money insured?

Accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 per person through NCUA, which is the credit union’s version of FDIC. Money FCU has also been in business since 1976, so we plan to stick around for a while.

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Can my family join Money FCU?

If you’re already a member of Money FCU, your immediate family can join too, no matter where they live! Immediate family includes (adopted and step-family): Parents Grandparents Siblings Children Grandchildren

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Do I have to be in a union to join?

Nope! Credit unions have “fields of membership” which defines who can open an account. All credit unions have different fields of membership. For Money FCU, anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, or Cayuga County can open an account. We like to keep it simple.

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