MONEY Federal Credit Union Fee Schedule

Effective 10/2/2017

Account Research (unless Credit Union error): $20/hr

ACH Revocation: $20

Checks: cost of checks + shipping

Check Cashing (if account is dormant or only has check cashing activity in the last 30 days and no other active account relationships): $5/item

Check Copy (posted within 12 months): $2/item

Check Copy (posted 13+ months ago): $5/item

Deposited Check Return: $25/item

Foreign Check Collection: at cost

Inactive Account (assessed monthly after six months of no financial activity): $5/month

Invalid Address/Returned Mail: $10

IRA Administration: $15/year

Legal Processing (garnishment, levy, restraint): $25

Loan Late Payment: $20

Lost Debit Card (after 1st occurrence): $5

MONEY Market Withdrawals/Transfers (assessed after six within a month): $10/item

Non-Sufficient Funds – Check or Electronic: $25/item

Official Check (if not payable to accountholder): $1/item

Overdraft TransferReg D (after six automatic transfers from savings within a month): $5/item

Replacement Debit Card Rush 2-Day Delivery: $65

Replacement Debit Card Rush 3-Day Delivery: $35

Replacement Debit PIN Rush 3-Day Delivery: $35

Statement Copy: $5/statement

Stop Payment – Check or Electronic: $20/item or series

VISA Gift Card: $3/card

Wire Transfer Domestic Outgoing: $20

Wire Transfer International Outgoing: $45